Pierre’s Reserve

This premium alcohol pepper jelly collection is named after Jean Lafitte’s brother who ran the brothers’ New Orleans shop where much of the infamous duo’s contraband was stored!

Our 4 unique flavors consist 4-8 ounce jars of:

  • Bourbon Heat – A smooth blend of Kentucky Bourbon, peaches, and fresh jalapeños.
  • Big Whiskey – A smoky concoction of premium Whiskey, fresh pears, a hint of ginger, and chipotle peppers.
  • Revolutionary Rum – Big flavors with dark red cherries, vanilla, silver Rum, and spicy jalapeños!
  • Tequila Outlaw – All the classic flavors of a Traditional Margarita with fresh limes, sea salt, great Tequila, and a jalapeño kick.

This delicious collection is housed in a beautifully engraved, handmade wooden crate for your display!