Blue Bayou BBQ Sauce

Picture a lazy day in the backyard watching the boats make their way down the Bayou. The nearby BBQ pit is sizzling, sending out the smoky goodness that can only come from your favorite perfectly […]

Gift Ideas

Lafitte’s Fleet

The Lafitte’s Fleet gift box is a treasure chest of flavors, the perfect gift for your friends, family or co-workers. This collection has 12-2 oz jars of our most popular flavors, packaged in a gift […]


Sweet Heat Cherry BBQ Sauce

Sweet, dark red cherries are cooked with crisp jalapeno and sweet peppers into a decadent pepper jelly, then blended with a homemade brown sugar BBQ sauce. The pairings of sweet, spicy, and tangy will give […]


Maemae’s Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Icy cold slow drip espresso coffee sweetened with condensed milk will help you beat the heat. This item is not available for online purchase.

Pepper Jellies

Blueberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

This sweet, mild pepper jelly gives a whole new meaning to biscuits and waffles! Wildly popular with our younger customers due to its very subtle heat level and the sweetness of fresh blueberries!


Coquille’s Ghost

Hauntingly spicy ghost peppers and freshly chopped pineapples are paired in this beautiful pepper jelly. Don’t be fooled by the first taste of the sweet tangy fruit; the heat will haunt you!

Pepper Jellies

Cranberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Another seasonal favorite pairs sweet red peppers, spicy jalapenos, & tart cranberries in a tasty jelly sure to be an addition to your roasted turkey dinners for years to come!

Pepper Jellies

Kumquat Pepper Jelly

Say hello to your boring orange marmalade replacement! This is newest member of our pepper jelly family! This product is seasonal and only available in limited quantities and while the fruit is in season!


Mango Habanero

Let’s get mad for mango! Gorgeous orange peppers and succulent mangoes blended and cooked to perfection! But use caution, this beauty packs a pleasant heated punch!


Original Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

This classic pepper jelly is made with vibrant green peppers and spicy, crisp jalapenos! What a great introduction to pepper jelly; sweet, yet with a slight heat to spice up your snack time!

Pepper Jellies

Pearl Onion & Sweet Pepper Jelly

This surprising twist on traditional pepper jelly gives those who are not so much in spicy foods a fantastic flavor all their own! Succulent whole pearl onions and sweet mini peppers pairs so well with […]


Pineapple Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Sweet, spicy, & tangy pepper jelly boasts chunks of tart pineapple & fresh jalapeno peppers to spice up the glaze on your next holiday ham! a great addition to any dinner table!


Strawberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Summer in a jar! Sweet red strawberries paired with fresh jalapenos and sweet peppers for a delightful taste on your palate! Can we say elevated PB&J?


Bourbon Heat

Smooth Kentucky bourbon, fresh peaches, and spicy jalapeno peppers boosts this boozy pepper jelly to the top of our favorites list! need a great rib glaze? Get you some bourbon heat! Ingredients