Tequila Outlaw

Summer’s favorite drink is now a welcome addition to our alcohol infused line of pepper jellies! Margarita anyone?! This light and refreshing pepper jelly has Blanco tequila with distinct flavors of agave, fresh lime juice […]


Revolutionary Rum

Dark sweet cherries and a hint of vanilla paired with light and sweet white rum is reminiscent of fresh baked cherry pie a la mode! Paired with baked brie or used to enhance flavors of […]


Big Whiskey

Smooth whiskey, smoky chipotle peppers, fresh pears, and a touch of ginger makes this alcohol infused pepper jelly an all new experience. Elevate your charcuterie boards and smoked briskets with Big Whiskey! Ingredients


Kooyon Kandy

Our newest addition to the TTs Pepper Jellies line of delicious products is called Kooyon Kandy, also known as candied jalapenos.  These thinly sliced fresh jalapeno peppers are a sweet, spicy, crunchy condiment that can […]


Creole Nectar

This delicious wildflower honey is infused with spicy jalapeño peppers. Our infused honey is gluten-free and low in calories, making it a healthy and enjoyable choice for cooking, dipping, or grilling! Or add it to […]


Blue Bayou BBQ Sauce

Picture a lazy day in the backyard watching the boats make their way down the Bayou. The nearby BBQ pit is sizzling, sending out the smoky goodness that can only come from your favorite perfectly […]


JC’s Orchard

Crisp fresh apples, spicy jalapeños, and a zing of cinnamon brings to mind falling leaves and hot cider!  Pair our newest pepper jelly with sharp cheddar on your charcuterie boards or glaze a lean pork […]


Fiery Pearl

We’ve taken an old favorite and fired it up for those who want to add some spice in their life! Infused with sweet Pearl onions and spicy red pepper, this remake is sure to make […]


Cajun Soul

Bell peppers, onions, and roasted garlic in a tangy and savory pepper jelly that will tempt your taste buds and sing to the depths of your Cajun soul! 



It’s an everything sauce with a monster spicy honey mustard garlic flavor. Great for wings, salads, hot dogs and more! […]


TT’s Bayou Pearl

Delicious pearl onion & sweet pepper jelly paired with savory white wine vinegar, & just a hint of citrus will bring summer to your salads! Does your baked fish need a kick? Try drizzling this […]


Sweet Heat Cherry BBQ Sauce

Sweet, dark red cherries are cooked with crisp jalapeno and sweet peppers into a decadent pepper jelly, then blended with a homemade brown sugar BBQ sauce. The pairings of sweet, spicy, and tangy will give […]


Maemae’s Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Icy cold slow drip espresso coffee sweetened with condensed milk will help you beat the heat. This item is not available for online purchase.


Cranberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

This heady vinaigrette contains TT’s own cranberry jalapeno pepper jelly with smooth evoo, savory balsamic vinegar, & a few secret spices that will make your salads sing! Try it as a marinade too!

Pepper Jellies

Blueberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

This sweet, mild pepper jelly gives a whole new meaning to biscuits and waffles! Wildly popular with our younger customers due to its very subtle heat level and the sweetness of fresh blueberries!